Art of sculpture

Went to St. Louis Cemetery in Louisville, KY today to take some photographs.  The old stones are amazing artwork by craftsmen who were true artists.  It is sad that people are so afraid or unnerved by cemeteries that they never get to see some of the worlds greatest sculptures.

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Blue bells, but no cockle shells

Captured these beauties the other morning when I was at Whitehall gardens.  I think they look wonderful with the dew drops on them.

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Circle of life

I just love my macro lens and how detailed my photos are with it.  This is a seed head from a flower that has long lost it’s petals.   I love the circular, symmetrical top!

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I was at a local historical site/home taking photos and they had set up for an outdoor wedding and reception.  I just couldn’t help myself I had to take a photo…

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Quite a pair

These are two of my cats.  The orange/ginger/red cat is a little female named Tigger ( who has her own blog and can be found here: Tiggers Teachings).  The calico (one of three living at my house) is Zoey.  They both posed for what I think are two very beautiful photos.




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Bearded Flowers

I found these wonderful flowers early this morning at Whitehall gardens in Louisville, KY.  I found these little flowers very interesting as they have little beards.  How interesting, different and beautiful are the wonders of nature.

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Tri~fly, Butterfly

I saw these awesome butterflies in a display at a nature center.  It was sad that these beautiful creatures were not alive, however, I was fortunate enough to see several on my nature hike–but I wasn’t fast enough to capture an image of those.

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