Oh, Honey!

Surprise, I don’t just take photos of nature–although 90% of my photos are from nature.  I’m getting ready to head out on another photo adventure, its much later than I like to leave but my photo buddy is dragging this morning and isn’t ready to go.  So I thought I’d post a photo I took at the Greek Festival this past weekend in Louisville, KY.


About RLSphoto

I’m a middle school math teacher who on the weekends, holidays and during the summer journeys in and around Louisville, KY taking photographs. The primary subjects of my photographs are wildflowers, but I will photography anything I think is interesting or beautiful. I enjoy animals and live with a house full of cats and dogs. I also enjoy cooking, playing xbox, and love sci-fi movies and novels.
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5 Responses to Oh, Honey!

  1. I have a Greek honey — my husband – he is part Greek, and sometimes “Greek to me” –as in I don’t always understand him — which may be a good thing and why we have been married 30 years – I still have a lot to learn.

  2. Even their honey label looks ready to dance to those Greek melodies! Opa!

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