Face of Stone

I took this photo at Yew Dell Gardens during their annual sculpture show.  It was a wonderful Saturday morning, a little warm, but the sun was at a nice angle.  In looking at this photo I can’t help but think that sometimes I feel a lot like this statue…I think I often have a face of stone.  Most of the people who know me don’t really know me, but that’s my fault–or choice.  I find it hard to truly share who I am or what I think.  At this point in my life I feel it is difficult to change as I’ve grown comfortable with my face of stone.

Regardless of how I feel or what this picture makes me think, I really like this photo.  There is an interesting beauty as the face seems to be erupting from the stone around it.  The face itself seems tranquil in a zen sort of way.  More interestingly, the face of stone almost appears not only smooth, but soft.  Perhaps even stone faces can be soft.


About RLSphoto

I’m a middle school math teacher who on the weekends, holidays and during the summer journeys in and around Louisville, KY taking photographs. The primary subjects of my photographs are wildflowers, but I will photography anything I think is interesting or beautiful. I enjoy animals and live with a house full of cats and dogs. I also enjoy cooking, playing xbox, and love sci-fi movies and novels.
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3 Responses to Face of Stone

  1. Roxanne says:

    This post really hits home for me. Thanks for sharing.

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